Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the school teach Buddhism? No. Although the school is affiliated to Soka Gakkai Singapore (a lay Buddhist organisation), the school do not have religious study in its curriculum.

2. Do the children go on field trips? How much do we need to pay?

Yes, the children go on field trips each term. 

The field trip fee includes transport fee, admission fee and additional snack (where necessary). Therefore, the fee for each trip varies according to above factors. Parents will be informed of the amount in a letter.

4. Can I celebrate my child’s birthday in school? We understand that your child will be excited to celebrate his/her birthday with his/her classmates. However, we strictly do not allow birthday celebrations in school. Likewise, we do not allow food items in goodie bags to be shared with other children.

5. If my child is sick, what is the school’s procedure?

Upon arrival at school, your child will undergo a temperature check and a visual health screening. If your child is found to be unwell or have symptoms of HFMD, etc. you will be contacted to take your child home to see a doctor.

We also encourage parents to take the child’s temperature and do a visual check of his/her mouth and hands for ulcers and red spots before letting your child attend school each day.

In the event that your child does not feel well during school hours, he/she will be taken to the sick bay in the office to rest and you will be contacted to take him/her home as soon as possible.

6. How often does the teacher meet the parents? Official parent and teacher meeting is twice a year – Mid Year and End Year. However, meetings can take place as and when necessary any time during the year.